At what age can babies eat truffles?

What exactly is a truffle?

Just like its cousins ​​(the other varieties of truffles), the summer truffle forms and grows during the fine rains between April and June. Fruiting of this mushroom, also called Tuber Aestivum, takes place between June and September. It grows in Europe and is found in France, mainly in the southern regions. If its aficionados prefer it fresh for its strong and powerful aromas, the canned summer truffle is no less tasty for all that, it is just different and its flavor is more subtle. The white summer truffle is particularly exquisite, it gives off a smell of mushrooms… A delight! If in slang the word truffle designates a person who acts stupidly and a little naively, the truffle is above all a mushroom with unique flavors. Black truffle or white truffle, it is often found on the tables of the greatest gourmets and on the menu of the greatest chefs who also cook it very often to celebrate exceptional moments and during family celebrations such as Christmas. There is no better time than another to cook and savor it. Indeed, it is harvested at several times of the year and there are several kinds. The summer truffle, also known as the Saint-Jean truffle, has long been ignored by gourmets to the delight of wild boars who could feast on it.

At what age can a baby eat truffles?

At the time of food diversification, mushrooms come into play from 6 months with, in particular, Paris mushrooms (to be enjoyed by Baby well cooked and mixed). Truffle ? you can try to offer this exceptional mushroom to your little one from the age of 12 months. So that he savors it at best and that he appreciates it, cook it and offer him to eat it finely mixed, you can also grate it delicately into small pieces in a mashed potato, for example.

Our truffle recipes for the whole family!

The truffle, either we like it or we don’t like it! And when we like it, its followers will tell you, we tend to adore it and want to consume it as often as possible. To introduce children to it, try adding it to a dish they love, such as ham pasta. This dish is unanimous with toddlers and they will be curious to discover their reinvented favorite dish. Introduce the cooked truffle in small pieces into the shells or very finely grated.

A food allergy can occur when tasting any new food. Be vigilant (as you usually can be) when you give your child a taste of this mushroom for the first time.

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