Getting married pregnant: how to successfully prepare?

Getting married pregnant: how to successfully prepare?

Some precautionary advice

– Whatever the progress of your pregnancy, do not start organizing your wedding alone! You are more tired than usual, so be sure to get help from friends and family. Do not forget that the organization of a wedding can be proven morally: heated exchanges with the service providers, headaches to establish the list of guests, etc. Even if you don’t feel like you’re physically pushing too hard, consider taking a step back emotionally.

– If you learn of your pregnancy just a few weeks before your wedding, it is better to postpone the date. The first months of pregnancy are often very tiring and even…nauseous. Just like the last few months which are often difficult.
The most reasonable time to organize the ceremony is therefore between the 3rd and 7th month.

Choose the right dress

For the dress, it’s up to you! It all depends on the progress of your pregnancy, your morphology, but also what you want to highlight. Many brands offer very beautiful wedding dresses for pregnancy. In any case, ask the salesperson or the seamstress to provide for major last-minute alterations.

A few tips for choosing your outfit:

– Do not choose a dress that is too fitted or conversely too voluminous (with frills and ruffles) to avoid the “meringue” effect

– The ideal cut is an “Empire” style dress because it is marked just below the chest and is flared at the level of the belly.

– Highlight your strengths! Take the opportunity to highlight your new chest with a low-cut dress, for example.

– To feel comfortable without being molded, opt for a light material such as muslin or cotton.

– Prefer corset models that lace up in the back and that will allow you to gain a few centimeters on the fit of your dress.

– If you prefer to get married in heels, choose them of medium height and use flat and comfortable shoes for the evening. It is important that they hold your foot well, so that you can enjoy the rest of the reception and move freely from table to table.

– Do not neglect the invisible! Below the dress, choose comfortable and suitable underwear. Don’t compromise: opt for a specialized brand for pregnant women to allow you to be comfortable throughout the evening…

Brief the caterer

– Needless to say that unfortunately you could not toast with your guests with a certain bubble drink… Have the caterer provide non-alcoholic drinks (cocktails, sparkling wine, etc.), which you can enjoy without risk throughout the evening .

– On the menu side, beware of so-called “prohibited” foods! Many festive foods are indeed to be avoided. When choosing your service provider, take stock of his card and his ability to adapt. Well-cooked meats and dishes without seafood and raw fish – at least for you! -: there are 1001 recipes to savor without taking risks for baby. (see also our Pregnant during the holidays file)

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