How to prepare your wedding list?

How to prepare your wedding list?

We avoid the superfluous. Imagine a typical meal with your brand new husband: are you really sure you absolutely need this egg slicer? Do not present your guests with an endless list of kitchen utensils that will not be essential in your daily life.

A wedding list is not fixed ! You have the right to be wrong and your guests too. In most commercial products, nothing obliges you to withdraw the products chosen by your loved ones. Another possibility if you lack inspiration: go to a big brand that presents you a basic list to be evaluated according to your needs.

Let’s face it, you’re getting married, but you’ve been living together for five years now. As for linens and dishes, you already have everything you need! Do not hesitate to ask for more personalized gifts, such as decorative accessories for example.

– When drawing up your wedding list, spare a thought for your loved ones. They don’t all have the same means and they will probably be embarrassed when faced with a €60 frugal. So list objects of different values.

– Your guests don’t all have to be in the same city as you… Ask the store before dropping off your list, if they can the remote viewer and book by phone, email or fax. On the Internet, the major brands offer lists that can be consulted online.

Another option available to you, ask, as a wedding list, that your family and friends contribute to your honeymoon

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