Ideas for an eco-responsible and ecological wedding

Ideas for an eco-responsible and ecological wedding

Today, many couples want to organize a more responsible ceremony but without having to cut corners on the quality of the services and for good reason! A green wedding is not necessarily a cheap wedding, quite the contrary. With the right solutions and a bit of inventiveness, you can impress your guests while making your wedding day unforgettable.

Minimize the carbon footprint of the reception venue

The place of the ceremony is a very important criterion for the success of a marriage. We all dream of a place with character and spacious enough to accommodate guests in comfort! However, you do not need to book at the other end of the hexagon, to hope to find the place of your dreams. To minimize the carbon impact of your wedding, the best option is to choose a place close to your home or the town hall but also easily accessible. The idea is that your guests weren’t to take the car, or at least, for as little time as possible. If the place you want is not served by public transport, organize a car pool! It’s a great way to encourage social interaction between diners while considering an alternative that’s kind to the planet.

Focus on eco-responsible announcements

The most eco-responsible invitation is still the one sent by email. According to a study by the Carbon Literacy Project, sending an electronic message with an attachment generated around 50 g of CO2, or 30 to 60 times less than a traditional letter. Even if the email may seem very impersonal to invite the people you love to one of the most beautiful days of your life, you should know that the carbon impact of a paper announcement is far from being limited to its transport. . There is also printing (paper, ink, energy expended by the machines used) and delivery. Nevertheless, if it is too difficult for you to make such a sacrifice, you can opt for a compromise which consists in choosing invitations printed with vegetable ink or rainwater on recycled paper. It’s better than nothing !

Choose a local caterer

An eco-friendly wedding doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to serve a vegan or meatless meal. Rather, it is about favoring seasonal and locally sourced ingredients that have a lower carbon footprint than imported products. The same goes for the choice of drinks. Some caterers who are sensitive to the issue of the environment now offer menus entirely or made up of short circuit products. But that’s not all, at a wedding there is often food left uneaten by the guests. There are two solutions to avoid waste: either you organize a small brunch the day after the ceremony to finish off the leftovers, or you avoid a doggy bag for your guests.

Choose a reusable decoration

It’s hard to imagine a beautiful wedding without a bit of decoration, isn’t it? And yet it is often very polluting. Between tablecloths and disposable dishes, paper flags, and balloons… To minimize the environmental impact of your ceremony, it is better to rent the decoration first than to buy it. If you are a DIY enthusiast, you should also know that many elements can be made with your own hands. Picking up a few pine cones in the forest or twigs to add a country side to your wedding is given to everyone, as is picking up old wine crates and other objects that add a bit of character to your decoration! As for the bridal bouquet, favor seasonal and regional flowers and for the table decoration, why not opt ​​for potted plants that will act as gifts for the guests once the ceremony is over?

An upcycled wedding dress and why not?

Upcycling – or overcycling – is a technique for recycling an object by providing it with added value. If some world designers have made it their specialty, wedding dresses are no exception to this trend. Thus, today, it is quite possible to afford a tailor-made piece, adapted to your desires, designed from recovered fabrics. Not only in this way are you entitled to a 100% personalized dress, but you are also contributing to an eco-responsible approach. Do you have old jewelry or silver that you no longer wear? Ask a jeweler to recast them to create personalized wedding bands. On the program, a nice saving and above all you will be able to give a second life to your broken jewelry.

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