Request the modification of a contribution to the expenses of the marriage

Request the modification of a contribution to the expenses of the marriage

When to use this model

The contribution to the expenses of the marriage depends on the resources of the spouses. These are not static but evolve. Any interested party can therefore submit a request for modification to the family court judge. ?

Registered with acknowledgment of receipt

(Last name)


High Court of (city)


Mr. (or Madam) Family Court Judge

recommended letter with receipt note

Subject: request for modification of a contribution to the expenses of the marriage

City, date

Mr (or Madam) the Judge,

I, the undersigned (surname, first name, address, date and place of birth, nationality, profession, date of marriage and nature of the marriage contract), have the honor to request from your kindness the convocation of Mr. (or Mrs.) (surname, first name, address, profession and if possible the full civil status of the spouse against whom the claim is made. If the address is not known, give the last known address) to have the new amount of the contribution to the expenses of our marriage pursuant to articles 214 and following of the Civil Code and articles 1137 and following of the Code of Civil Procedure.

I am making this request for the following reasons: (recall the procedure and the amount of the contribution previously set by the judge, specifying the reason for this request for modification: request to increase or decrease the contribution. You must describe the change in the situation of one or the other spouse, such as to justify this requested modification.It is also necessary, as for the fixing, to specify the employment and the resources of each, the amount of the particular expenses of the household, in particular with regard to children – whose first names, places and dates of birth must be specified – the resources of each and possibly the specific expenses).

I therefore ask you to set the contribution to the wedding expenses at the sum of (amount) €. I am at your disposal to give you all the additional information you might consider.

Please accept, Mr. (or Madam) Judge, the expression of my most respectful feelings.


Attachment: pay slips, certificate of unemployment or long-term sick leave, rent receipts, invoices relating to school fees or medical care, or any other document justifying the needs and resources of the spouse making the require

The legal rule

The family affairs judge may, in an emergency, be seized in summary proceedings. But it can also be seized by request submitted or translated to the registry. The request must indicate the surname, first name and address of the parties or, where applicable, the last known address of the defendant (person against whom the lawsuit is directed). It contains the subject of the request and a summary statement of its grounds. It is dated and signed by the person presenting it or by his lawyer (article 1137 of the Code of Civil Procedure).

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