The floral decoration of the wedding: instructions for use

The flower arrangements are to match the venue, your outfit or the theme of the wedding. This requires time and organization: make an appointment with your florist three or four months before the big day. He will assist you during all the preparation phases and will be able to establish the most suitable floral decoration for your budget.

Where should the flower arrangements be placed?

– At the church, tie small bouquets of white flowers on the pews.

– Convertible, limousine … whatever your choice, opt for a “sucker bouquet” on the bonnet and a “spread bouquet” on the back of the car.

– Wine of honor and evening. Be careful that the floral decoration is not too intrusive or too fragrant. On the tables, opt for small bouquets placed in the center: so that your guests can see each other.

Flower Decoration Ideas

– In summer: round bouquets, based on peonies, sweet peas, gladioli, for an avalanche of colors in hanging glass vials.

– In autumn: with flowers as inspiring as dahlias, irises and camellias, innovate with the container: mini zinc pot, glass milk bottle as a vase…for a rustic and poetic effect.

– In winter: play the bare key with branches of willows or hazel trees decorated with lily of the valley and jasmine.

– In the spring: long live the bulbs of tulips, narcissi, crocuses that you let appear in transparent containers…after having taken care to remove the soil from the roots.

Wedding: a floral tradition

– It is traditionally the future husband who takes care of the very symbolic bouquet of the bride.

– If you have called on a caterer for your evening, find out: some consumers are also in charge of the floral decoration.

– A rain of rose petals at the exit of the church, it makes you dream. But you can also make a more personal choice, with, for example, lavender flowers if you live in Provence, hydrangea petals if you are from Brittany, or thoughts of the Alps if you live in the Hautes-Alpes.

The flower ball is now on! An oasis of fragrant pleasure in a colorful world… certain that your floral arrangements will mark the spirits… at least as much as your wishes!

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