Wedding hairstyle tutorial: a quick and easy bun to do!

Wedding hairstyle tutorial: a quick and easy bun to do!

Ever since you received the wedding invitation, you’ve been racking your brains! You already know what dressing gown you will wear and shoes who will accompany him. Only downside, and not the least… You are still wondering what hairdressing adopting. Especially since you (maybe) have neither the time nor the money for a hairstyle done by a pro. The ideal for you would therefore be a do-it-yourself wedding hairstyle. An idea that raises some uncertainties, however, and we understand you. Will the end result be the one proposed? Will the hairstyle hold until the end of the night? A word of advice: don’t do it at the last moment, but train several times, beforehand. This will allow you to acquire the right gestures, and to quantify the necessary pliers. A word of advice: hair that is too clean slips, if you can, wait a day after shampooing (or overnight) to do the hairstyle. If you have fine hair, consider texturizing with a dedicated styling product. And don’t forget: hard work always pays off!

A bun, safe bet for a wedding hairstyle

For a wedding as for a cocktail party an important appointment, the bun is a classic, at a time elegant and practice.Indeed, it clears the face (practical if the wedding takes place in a windy place or if you are holding a toddler in your arms), offers you real freedom of movement and a very nice head posture. In addition, it is easy to accessorize with a headband and clips in the colors of the ceremony or your outfit. The same hairstyle can thus have a very different rendering from one event to another.

Discover below a easy wedding hairstyle tutorial to be done solo and requiring few materials.Only a hairbrush, a headband and Kirby barrettes (also called flat clips or Hairpins) sufficient. Small accessories can also be added to the hairstyle, as desired. It can be flowers or sequins for example.

Once all these essentials have been gathered, start creating the hairstyle by following the step-by-step instructions presented below, in the slideshow.

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