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Your 8 month old baby weighs an average of 8 kg. Baby eats better and better foods in pieces, melting, that he can easily put in his mouth. However, you can always offer him purees with smooth and mixed textures as we have been doing since the beginning of food diversification. Baby can eat less smooth purees and continue to discover the different textures: less smooth purees, small pieces, larger pieces…

What foods to give an 8 month old baby?

Baby continues to make discoveries for his greatest joy. This is an opportunity for you to introduce him to fruits he has not yet tasted. Such as fresh pineapple, strawberries, melon, raspberries, and even grated coconut, which you can mix and prepare for him in compote. Note that at this age, apart from dates, recommended from 9 months, no fruit is not recommended. So you can vary the pleasures!

Same for vegetables, you can continue to introduce new ones, such as onions for example, which are recommended around 8 months. Traditionally, all types of cabbage (red cabbage, cauliflower, Chinese cabbage, etc.) are not given before 9 months because they are difficult to digest and cause gas. Don’t forget to add a teaspoon of fat in each baby dish (even small jars because they don’t contain any). Vary them: butter, rapeseed oil, olive oil… Fats are very important for growth and baby brain development (one to two spoons a day).

If this is not done yet, now is the time to introduce aromatic herbs and spices (can be introduced from 6 months). Play with tastes and flavors, treat yourself. Turmeric, curry, basil, coriander, curry, vanilla… Spice it up! However, we will still avoid salt and sugar.

Baby food 8 months quantity of food

Baby’s days are always organized around four daily meals. Milk is still the basis of his diet, with about 500 ml per day. Nevertheless, from the age of 8 months, his lunch and his snack look more and more like that of the “big ones”. Lunch consists of vegetables and 10 g of meat or fish (or 1/4 egg). And the snack, a very ripe fruit or a compote, with yogurt.

8 month old baby food typical day

To help you, the book Cuisinez pour Bébé, by Clémence Maumené, published by Albin Michel, offers an example of a traditional typical day:

– Breakfast: 180 to 240 ml of breast milk or second age

– Lunch : 120 to 200 g of fresh vegetables that you have previously cooked, then mixed or ground, accompanied by 10 g of fish, meat, or ¼ egg. (+ a teaspoon of vegetable oil). For dessert, you can offer about 100 g of fruit compote of your choice.

– Snack: 100 g of very ripe fruit or fruit compote + either 150 to 210 ml of infant or breast milk or a fromage blanc or petit-suisse type yoghurt.

– Dinner: 240 ml of mother’s or second age infant milk

Snacks for 8 month old baby

As said above, at 8 months, we can give very small pieces of raw fruit, finely cut and very ripe, to babies for four hours. Day after day, vary the fruits, according to the seasons for example. In winter, opt for small pieces of bananas, mangoes or kiwi. In spring, prefer strawberries, peaches, melons. In summer, watermelons, cherries, grapes or raspberries and in autumn, redcurrants, plums, pears… Snacking is a great opportunity to develop your baby’s taste buds! You can also give him all kinds of compotes. Do not hesitate to innovate and offer him a snack that is out of the ordinary! All accompanied by a dairy product (petit-suisse, cottage cheese, plain yogurt, etc.).

here are some snack recipe ideas for 8 month old babywhich are out of the ordinary:

– Banana and strawberry smoothie: 80 g of strawberries + 1/2 banana (mix the fruits with a little 2nd age milk)

– Compote of pear and prunes with vanilla: 8 prunes + 2 pears + 1/2 drops of vanilla (mix everything).

– Cherry compote: 150 g of cherries + 1 apple

– Grape compote: 100 g of grapes + 1 apple

– Pineapple compote with coconut: 125 g pineapple, 1 apple, 1 teaspoon grated coconut

– Vanilla passion mango mousse: 50 g of mango + 1/2 passion fruit + 1 pinch of vanilla pulp (to mix).

Baby food 8 months recommendation

It is much more difficult to treat a child suffering from obesity since early childhood (before 5 years old) than a child suffering from eating disorders after the age of 5 years. So be careful not to use food as a “means of negotiation” every time Baby cries. Eating should not be a cure for baby crying. Making Baby take up this habit from his first months could cause excess weight that is difficult to eliminate later. Does your baby seem a little too coated to you? Do not hesitate to take stock with your pediatrician. You will thus be able to go back together on the body curves of your child and approach the procedure to follow serenely.

Baby food 8 months lunch meal

At 8 months, the midday meal is more complete than the evening meal, which traditionally consists of a bottle of milk. On the other hand, at lunchtime, we can offer Baby all kinds of small mixed or ground dishes, based on vegetables and meat or fish.

Magicmaman offers you some meal ideas for an 8 month old baby :

– Cream of asparagus

– Carrot puree

– Aubergine purée and roast turkey with coriander: 150 g aubergines, 50 g sweet potatoes, 10 g roast turkey, 1 coriander leaf (all finely mixed).

– Broccoli puree with cream: 150 g broccoli, 50 g potato, 1 tablespoon pasteurized heavy cream

– Mashed broad beans with hazelnut oil: 150 g shelled broad beans, 50 g peeled tomatoes, 1 leaf of savory, garlic + 1 drizzle of hazelnut oil (all mixed).

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