From what age should baby food be given?

Potty baby: from what age?

Baby food can be the source of many concerns for new parents. Especially when it’s a first baby. Mum of a little girl, our magicmom would like to know when she can give her baby jars: “Hello, my daughter is 3 months old and I would like to know from what age it is recommended to give her baby jars? Should I see my pediatrician before start food diversification ? Thank you in advance for your answer “.

Food diversification: a progressive learning process

The response of pediatrician Amine Arsan:

Don’t be in too much of a rush! Diversification is an adventure that takes place between the fourth and sixth month of baby. In general, learning new flavors – other than sweet – is recommended around the 5th month of Baby. In any case, whether you choose an early diversification or a little later, milk must remain the basic food for Baby’s first 6 months. The introduction of other foods is done gently and there are steps to follow. We usually start with vegetables (carrot, zucchini…) then with sweet foods to finish with proteins. The amounts are minimal at first (it will only take a few scoops the first few times) and gradually increase.

You can optionally prepare small homemade jars in the form of purées (prefer organic fruits and vegetables) or opt for small industrial pots (they are very controlled). Some parents are also tempted by child-led diversification, a method of letting the child choose what they want to eat and giving them chunks directly.

I advise you to be guided by your pediatrician who will give you the right method to apply according to your desires.

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At what age can baby start eating morsels?

In general, babies are ready to incorporate chunks into their diet around 7 or 8 months. However, remember that this is only an average, and all babies are different. Everyone progresses at their own pace. The stage of the pieces can thus be approached earlier by some babies, and later by others.

Moreover, if the introduction of pieces in Baby’s food is apprehended by some parents, for fear of possible suffocation, remember that babies have a powerful regurgitation reflex if they do not feel ready to swallow what is offered to them. We also talk about ” gag reflex or “emetic reflex”. When the size or texture of the food offered does not suit the child, the latter can thus spit it out and gag, without going so far as to vomit.

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