5 reasons why your best shot in bed may not necessarily be your life partner

5 reasons why your best shot in bed may not necessarily be your life partner

· Reading : minWe all know that sex is very important in a relationship ; it probably accounts for 85% of the relationship, and that’s why often we want the person who satisfied us the most sexually in bed to also be our life partner. Although the person gave us the craziest and most exciting moments; what got us involved and passionate under the sheets (but also out of bed; because who said that sex has to be done in a canonical way…), and are we sure that’s enough?

So can’t we let it all go? How is it possible not to have this in our emotional relationship ? Because love can come and go, but chemistry can’t be controlled. Yet these are moments, quick moments that pass, whereas in the lasting relationship, there are much more important things that we take into consideration. Fundamental things that we want to share with our future partner for life.

Here are 5 reasons why the best person in bed is not necessarily your life partner…

5 Reasons Why the Best Person in Bed May Not Be Your Life Partner

1. Gender has a different meaning depending on the age group

Over time, it will be easy to realize that the type of person we want to share our life journey with will be someone who is kind and caring to us, who listens to us, and who we have fun with.

2. Don’t settle for just once even if it was wonderful

It’s a bit like with food when you eat something greedy and you like it very much, you are convinced that you would always eat it, but at the second bite you are already full. Certainly, sexuality is important and should be satisfying, but what matters most is that sex is good and fulfilling every day.

3. Sex is not the cure for all problems

Often in the couples, it is believed that by making love, all problems are solved; on the contrary, it becomes an ulterior way of feeling the partner in intimacy; but the difficulties of the couple are made by comparison and clarification.

4. A mature relationship based solely on sex will not last.

It is essential to feel good in our sexuality and in the relationship with the other, we would often like to feel strong emotions, we would say almost unforgettable, but fortunately there are our values, our ideals and the need to live a story that will last over the long term.

5. Sex doesn’t have to be a show of love.

In some cases, sex can be considered as satisfying for purely physical pleasures and it does not then include sentimental dimensions. It is not possible to fall in love with a person just because they have good sex, in this case we are talking about infatuation.

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