How to get out of the friendzone?  5 signs you've been friendzoned

How to get out of the friendzone? 5 signs you’ve been friendzoned

only the person they like has a place in the so-called friendzone. Being in this position is uncomfortable for everyone, but there are ways to deal with this situation or even get out of the friendzone.

What is the friendzone?

Before attempting to leave the friendzone, you need to understand what this term means. Basically, when we refer to the friendzone, we are talking about that situation where you feel something special for someone but it is unrequited love.

But, in addition to being friendzoned, the person you love only loves you as a friend. This way you see yourself in the situation where you don’t know how to declare yourself to a friend since you don’t know if the other person really feels the same way about you.

How do you know if you are in the friendzone?

To can leave the frienzone, you must first know if you are really there. There are a series of attitudes that indicate that a person does not feel sexual attraction towards you.

    • He/she tells you about other attractive people

One of the signs that somebody think of you as a couple is precisely that he focuses and pays attention only to you. Therefore, one of the friendzone phrases that can indicate you’re in it is when the loved one mentions their attraction to others.

    • There’s no sign of attraction

We all know how to identify the signs of physical attraction that others may show towards us. In this way, for know if a friend wants something more with you, it’s as simple as paying attention to these signs.

    • This person is not there for you

When you meet this person, you are not the first person they talk to all the time. This person may take a long time to respond to your messages or even leave you in sight. In some cases there are very independent people who even with those they love do these things, but the reality is that it’s a clear revelation that you’re really into it. the friend zone.

When you are in the friend zonethe people you love rarely touch you almost by chance. If you are wondering, how do I know if my friend likes me? This is undoubtedly the warning that in reality this person is only looking for friendship.

    • Friendly language and attitude

The person’s non-verbal language and attitude towards you only reveals that you have been friendzoned. This way you just have to leave the friend zone or to accept that this person is not for you.

Why are you in the friendzone?

There are a number of attitudes that can unknowingly place you in the friend zone people you love. Maybe you are the one who unwittingly put the friendzone symbol in your subconscious when you approach your loved one. According to psychologists, these are the attitudes that usually cause a person to be rejected by those to whom they are attracted.

1. You do everything you are asked to do

When someone is predisposed to do absolutely anything the loved one asks of them, it can mean the descent into the friendzone. The reason for this is precisely that with this attitude of subordination, what you do highlights your dependence on others and perhaps this is a sign that you suffer from insecurity or a lack of self-esteem. Most people tend to want a romantic relationship with someone who has good mental well-being because security is one of the main characteristics of someone who is attractive to others.

2. You agree with everything you are told

It’s normal for you to look for things in common with whatever the person you love says, but the reality is that sometimes discord can be good for sparking some interest in others. Being firm in your values ​​and being transparent will be the best way to get out of the friendzone and stop trying to figure out how to make a friend jealous to get their attention.

3. You show no romantic interest

Maybe you are the one setting the boundaries in your relationship. When a person is feeling insecure, shy, or very introverted, it may seem like that person shows no signs of being interested in another person. Start by getting out of your comfort zone and being more open to flirting.

4. He’s not the right person for you

Sometimes we stop at people who aren’t really for us. In those cases, maybe you’re looking for something you really need to work on. If you are one of those people who are attracted to everyone with only a first impression, this can cause you to be immediately put in the eye by others. friend zone.

5. Lack of trust

Another way to know if you are in the friendzone or how to tell if a woman likes you or if a man has noticed you is to see if they get nervous in your presence. Confidence is one of the keys to identifying whether someone likes you or not. In the same way, lack of self-confidence and self-esteem is a repellent that almost immediately puts you in the friendzone.

Many times, people who find themselves repeatedly placed in the friendzone are because they lack the self-esteem and security to show how valuable they are to those they They like. If this is your case, you may need the help of a professional psychologist. The key to attracting others is precisely to work on your personal well-being.

How to get out of the friendzone?

Now that you’ve identified the problem, is there any way to find out? how to get out of the friendzone ? The reality is that in many cases this person will not want a relationship with you. But there are ways to make that person see your most positive part. This does not mean that you can arouse the sexual interest of the other, but to work on the fact that others visualize your potential.

1. Work on your interests

If you share different interests, one of the ways to make yourself more visible to each other is to work on them. It is not necessary for him to see you day and night in these activities, but simply to appreciate what you really like when you feel like it. By focusing on your virtues and favorite hobbies, you can leave the friendzone in front of a person who shares your tastes.

2. Change your attitude

If you are one of those who consider themselves failures in love, it is normal that you always enter the friendzone of those you like. In order to change this situation and get out of the friendzoneit will be essential that you establish other types of thoughts in your mind and leave this negative attitude behind you.

3. Take care of yourself

The moment you have felt friendzoned by your friend, it is essential that you do not devalue yourself. This is the perfect time to work on yourself both mentally and physically. Take care of yourself, exercise, eat healthy, and practice meditation. This will not only make you much more visible to others, but it will also boost your confidence and self-esteem.

4. Adopt a more romantic attitude

If the person in question hasn’t told you you’re in the friendzone yet (or rejected you), maybe what’s wrong is that person still has no signs that you’re interested. really hers. It’s time to act and find out how to declare yourself to this friend.

5. Learn to live without them

As we’ve said before, showing signs of emotional dependence is unattractive and unhealthy for you or others. In this way, it will be essential that you know how to walk away from someone you love even if you only want to be with them. Maybe taking a little distance will allow you to stop idealizing this person and it can be an incentive to leave the friendzone.

The friend zone is an unpleasant situation for many. Despite this, sometimes it happens because the person we are looking at is not really the one we really need by our side in those moments. The best way to act when you’ve been frustrated is to work on your virtues and become the best version of yourself.

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