Tantric sex: 7 psychological benefits and 5 exercises to practice it

Tantric sex: 7 psychological benefits and 5 exercises to practice it

When we talk about tantric sex, perhaps the first thing we connect it to is a spiritual practice. Although it has its origins in certain religions or beliefs, the reality is that tantra can be an ideal method to reconnect with our partner through sex. Find out what it is and how you can psychologically benefit from tantric sex.

What is Tantra?

the Tantra is an ancient spiritual practice of exploring our personal identity through various methods. Most of its practices are aimed at helping people see the reality in ourselves and in the world. Simply put, through Tantric, self-exploration and mindfulness are encouraged to understand ourselves and everything around us. In this way, Tantra is a practice very similar to meditation that promotes a series of psychological benefits beyond our bedroom.

In addition to the tantric sex, tantra also emphasizes intentionality and self-exploration. So much so that in addition to tantric sex, there is also tantric masturbation which aims to release self-awareness during self-sexual exploration. Thanks to this, we can explore our so-called sexual tantra (or we simply know each other more) and we come to understand each other better in and out of bed.

According to psychologist and sexologist Dr. Janet Bito, it’s not just about having sex but to try to slow down the speed at which we are always used to going and getting to know each other from our most erotic side. For that, you have to have a more open mind, want to explore and discover yourself.

What is tantric sex?

the bed sex or anywhere can take on different meanings depending on how we experience it. Through tantric sex, we are encouraged to literally “weave” with the other person. In other words, according to tantra, the sexual positions in couples aim to unite the masculine and feminine forces that we all carry within us. Its goal is therefore to try to discover what unites us to the other and to become aware of it during sexual intercourse and the pleasure that this induces in us.

Although the tantra has a more religious or spiritual purpose, the reality is that we can learn from this discipline to learn more about sex and to connect more with our partner on a psychological level. In this way, tantra and the sexuality it incites can lead us to feel more connected, alienated, and learn more about pleasure with our partner.

Therefore, practicing the tantric sex in a more western way involves enjoying our relationships more and not just focusing on orgasm. Most couples or individuals who start doing sex tantra tend to feel more unity and deeper love when doing this type of sex.

Psychological benefits of tantric sex

As we have pointed out, the tantra in sex can benefit us psychologically. This way, even if we don’t have the spiritual beliefs behind it, we can get many benefits from using tantric when practicing sex with others. According to psychologists, we can derive the following from this way of thinking about sex as a couple.


the tantric sex does not simply involve aiming for orgasm. In this, its practitioners are trying to slow down. For this reason, this type of sex tries to give rise to a greater awareness of the bond with the other. It is for this reason that there are tantric massages or tantric masturbation that promote communication both with ourselves and with others.

2. Release blockages and leave shame behind

There are people who, despite their age or their experience of sexual positions, are still ashamed to go to bed with someone. Tantric sex involves leaving behind those types of thoughts that block us and prevent us from enjoying those intimate moments with someone or with ourselves.

3. Help alleviate sexual trauma

In some cases, people who have suffered during a sexual practice and have trauma, can alleviate these types of thoughts and emotions related to these practices via the tantric sex.

4. Self-knowledge

Although we think that sex only serves to have fun, the reality is that self-exploration or sexual games can help us get to know ourselves from another angle. Through tantric massage or by performing various tantric sex positions, we can discover something in ourselves that we might not have imagined.

5. More libido and sexual desire

Some people may experience low libido or sexual desire due to certain psychological pathologies such as stress, depression, low self-esteem, among others. By incorporating Tantra into sex, people can momentarily leave behind many problems without associating them with sex.

6. Stress release

the Tantra in sex involves relaxing and enjoying the moment. Therefore, these positions in sex create the perfect environment to be present here and now.

7. More couple connections

When tantric sex practice, couples have more intimate moments. Normally, sex and pleasure are closely linked, but intimacy and emotional connection are also fundamental elements that we must live during these moments. For this reason, through tantric sex, people feel more connected to each other and to themselves.

Here are some of the benefits of incorporating tantra into sex. Despite this, if you have problems enjoying your sexuality, it is essential to consult a specialized psychologist to fully live this intimate part of our lives.

Tantric sexual positions: 5 exercises to practice

Tantra positions can help you experience tantra during sex. Some of the most popular tantric sex practices are:

To experience the tantra in sex, it is essential to have our own sacred space. It doesn’t involve going to a temple or having a different room, just leaving behind anything that can distract us during tantric sex. To do this, turn off everything technological, light candles or incense, and try to prepare a calm environment to open your mind and relax during sex.

During the tantric sex or in any of the tantric sexual positions, looking into each other’s eyes is essential. This is why you should try to keep your gaze with your partner as much as possible. A good exercise in tantric sex is to look at each other trying to feel the most for two minutes. During this time, you need to explore your emotions or sensations and learn from them.

Put your right hand on your partner’s heart and vice versa. As you feel more connected to each other, each should put their left hand in theirs. Synchronize the breath with slow, deep inspirations. As you inhale, receive the breath and love from your heart and as you exhale, send that love to your partner’s. You can do this to enter a meditative state during sex.

The tantric massage are one of the best known parts of tantra in sex. To achieve them, one of the members of the couple must stretch on the bed while the other part slowly and meditatively massages all the parts of their body. It is not a massage to eliminate contractures, but a soft and very meditative touch.

It is one of tantric sex positions the most known. During this, the partner sits cross-legged on a pillow, while the other places their legs on top of their partner’s. The arms of the person who is the base person should wrap around the companion’s waist. Heads can be cheek to cheek or you can touch face to face. In this position, begin by taking a few deep, slow breaths. Try to touch every part of the other and follow your intuition for the rest.

In the tantric sex, orgasm is less important than feeling more in the moment and connecting more intimately with each other. This is why it is a practice that makes us experience sex from another angle.

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