Buying Guide For Air Hammer:- Learn How to Select

Air hammer is quite an important tool used for a wide range of activities like demolition, renovation, and several other DIY projects.

Buying guide for an Air Hammer: 

Purchasing the right type of Air hammer can be quite tricky as one needs to consider a lot of factors, the purpose of buying it, the size of the hammer, and its price. Here are some factors one can look for before purchasing it –

Power of Air Hammer

The consumption of air your tool will pull from the air compressor depends on the power of the best air hammer. The power of air hammer is measured in Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM). It’s pretty much evident that the more power of air hammer, the more efficient it would be in use. Usually, the ideal power of a good air hammer lies between 4 to8 CFM.

Speed of Air Hammer

The speed of Air Hammer gets measured in Blows Per Minute (BPM). Its again pretty much evident that more the speed, more efficient the air hammer will be with job getting done swiftly. One should purchase an air hammer with speed lying between 2200 to 3800 BPM.

Brands to look for

There is a wide variety of brands selling different ranges of Air hammers. One needs to look for the best brand providing a good warranty, recognized manufacturer, and most reliable service. Brands of Air Hammers, which one can look for – Chicago Pneumatic, Sunex, Astro, Ingersoll Rand, Dewalt. Excellent air hammers cost you more than $300 to $1000 depending on the brand, size, and accessories available.

Look out for the reviews, compare the prices, and look out for the number of accessories they provide, like shaping tools and chisels, etc. With more shaping tools and chisels, there would be more variety and easiness in work. Make sure you are getting a good quality of carrying case as well.

Look out for Air hammers with progressive triggers as they give more comfort and control to the user as air hammers can cause a lot of bodily damage. Progressive triggers are far much better than conventional air hammers. Progressive triggers in air hammers make them very much safe as it reduces the risk of getting turn on itself accidentally.

Short Barrel vs. Long Barrel

If you are purchasing Air Hammer for home nad for other DIY projects, then a short barrel air hammer with low CFM is best for you as it can be used to carry out light tasks.

In case of using it for construction sites, substantial renovations, and industry, hands down one need to purchase Long barrel air hammer as they have maximum CFM. 

Stroke length

Stroke length is another crucial factor to look out for before purchasing the air hammer. It is the distance which the piston of hammer moves in each cycle. Air hammer having more stroke length is the most powerful and reliable. Stroke length is measure in inches, and a good air hammer has a stroke length of 2-3 inches.

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