Guidelines for cleaning an Acoustic Guitar

Music can have a soothing effect on our mind, listening to the playing of musical instruments can have a positive effect on people who are suffering from stroke, dementia or Alzheimer. 

The guitar is one among the musical instrument which is very popular, it is widely played throughout the world. Guitar contains strings that can be played with your fingers or with the help of a small piece of plastic, metal, etc. The guitar is made from wood or even plastic.

The strings are of steel, nylon or magnetic. There are mainly three different types of guitar. Classical guitar, acoustic guitar, and electric guitar. Let’s talk about Acoustic Guitar.
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An acoustic guitar is one which produces sound by sending out the vibration of the strings to the air thereby creating sound. An acoustic guitar is easy to learn and play. It comes in a different size, the half and ¾ size are basically designed for kids.

Adults can use the full  40” or 41” size guitars. Learn to take good care of the instrument by keeping it neat and clean. It will look more beautiful and can boost your confidence when you play.

With good maintenance, you can even prolong its life. Let us learn some methods that are used to clean an acoustic guitar. Let’s begin.

  • Gather the required materials for cleaning 

The things that you need to clean are soft cloths, a spray bottle filled with detergent and water, lemon oil, you could even replace it with baby oil or olive oil and also something pointy like a pen. 

  • Unstring the guitar

The strings should be loosened, you can do it by turning the heads backward. Remove the pin with the help of string winding tool and then pull out the string. Repeat this procedure for the rest of the strings. Keep the bridge pins in a safe place. The strings that are removed can be cleaned and reused.

  • Dusting the guitar 

Give a thorough dusting to your guitar every time you change it stings, wipe the body and neck of the guitar with soft cloths, do it gently. Also, remove the dirt and dust from the creases. 

  •  Fretboard cleaning 

All the dirt, grime and oil that are collected at the surface needs to be cleaned. Otherwise, it could affect the sound or play. It could lose the tone quickly. After you have cleansed the fretboard, apply some oil to the fretboard and also on the bridge. If there is any excess oil wipe it with a dry cloth. 

  • Polishing the body

You will find a number of guitar polishes that are available in the market. Buy any of those and apply a small amount of it, gently rub until it is absorbed into the wood. Wait for a shiny finish. Using a buff cloth rub in a circular motion until you get a beautiful shine on your guitar. Do this on all the sides. 

  • Restring and finishing up the process 

You can either use the cleansed string or new string. Thread the string at the right place and tighten. Pull the string in the direction of the bridge. Finally, wind the string by using a string winder. Repeat this for all the other strings.

  • Tuning the guitar

Do not over tight the guitar string, and raise its pitch. It may result in break down, and cause harm to the guitar.  Do not loosen the string and lower its pitch. You can use standard tuning. Once you are more comfortable, you can experiment with other tunes. You can even tune your guitar using a pitch tuner. 

Follow these instructions carefully when you think about cleaning your guitar. Also, place your guitar in the guitar case when it is not in use. You will see the result and get the benefit of caring for your guitar. 

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