How to transfer a domain from NameCheap to InMotion hosting

InMotion hosting has become one of the best hosting companies. Their excellent track record for the past 14 years has helped them achieve this success.    That is why many would like to transfer their domain to Inmotion hosting. If you planned to migrate to inmotion then the upcoming Inmotion hosting black friday is perfect for you to save your money.

Transferring the domain involves what?

Transfer of domain means changing the company in which the domain is registered.   It does not affect the running of the website in any manner. However, there are some important points to be kept in mind before transferring the domain, such as:

i.                    There is a waiting period of a minimum of 60 days for a transfer of your domain was just registered.

ii.                  Similarly, if your domain name is getting expired in 14 days, then the registration with the current registrar must be renewed, and then only it can later be transferred.  This is done to safeguard the loss of the domain name.

The steps to transfer the Domain Name are as follows:

1.       Firstly, log in to AMP.

2.      Go to the Domains menu, and click on the Domain Transfers button

3.      Type the Domain Name that you require and then click on the ‘Submit’ button.

4.      If the Domain transfer is initiated, then you will be taken to the Billing Information screen wherein details of the cost, etc will be mentioned.  Check if all the details and account information is correct. If so, click on the Submit button.

5.      Within a few minutes, an email confirmation will be received stating that the transfer has been done and the link will be received.

6.       Clicking on the link will confirm the transfer action.  After that you will be automatically redirected to the Accept transfer page wherein details such as the name, terms of service, etc must be entered.  Then ‘Proceed with the Transfer’ button must be selected.    A message will be received stating that the request for the domain transfer has been confirmed.  This action will take about 10 days and an email will be sent to confirm the completion of the domain process transfer.

If you want to keep the domain registration as Namecheap, then the procedure is slightly different.   you will have to amend the domain name servers in the NameCheap Interface.  Then only you will be able to use your domain with InMotion Hosting.  The steps are as follows:

A)      Go to the NameCheap Interface.

B)     To the top right of the screen, click on the Account button and a pop-menu will be seen.  Click on the Domain list. This will show the list of the active domains purchased through NameCheap.

C)     Click on Manage and scroll down till the Nameservers section.   If you are already using the InMotion Hosting’s default name, then the following must be added: ‘’ and ‘’.

D)    Finally, click on the checkmark and save button.  By doing this, the process for the changes have been made and will take about 24 hours to activate.

There is a method to check the status online about the Domain Transfer.  This can be done by simply logging into AMP.   Go to the Domain menu, and from there to the Domain Transfers link.  Select the ‘Existing Domain Transfers’ section.  Herein you will get the status update of the transfer.  So, by following the above steps you can transfer your domain easily.

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