This calculator performs various financial functions and also common math as well. It has a worksheet mode which has tables for amortization, depreciation and compound interest. The Financial calculator has been specially designed to carry out various calculations with great ease and therefore meets the needs of students as well as professionals.

In fact, a few reviews of this calculator show that

  • It can do long calculations within a few seconds.
  • Not only that it is good for general financial use as there are various adjustments that can be done on it such as decimals etc.
  • It has prompted display which guides the user through the calculations thereby showing current variables and labels
  • It also has Auto power down feature, Built-in memory for storing previous worksheets
  • Cash flow analysis and advanced list-based statistics too can be done Want to know more best financial calculator ? then click here .


The financial calculator BA II Plus has two types of operating modes. One is a standard calculator and the other is worksheet mode
The standard mode calculator helps in performing common math functions such as time value of money i.e. mortgages, annuities, and other trigonometry functions.
The Worksheet mode is a bit hardcore. It has tables for amortization, depreciation and compound interest calculation, etc.

  • The most frequently used buttons are the math keys which are available on a non-financial calculator as well such as the plus, multiplication, division keys.
  • For time value of money functions, the corresponding keys are usually located at the top of the calculator.
  • There is a clear all function key which will clear or wipe out the earlier work. So this can avoid confusion.
  • To use the memory register, first, calculate the number and then press the M register key. To recall what value is stored, the RM or recall memory should be pressed. This is just to store one value at a time.
  • To store multiple values, first, the STO & RCL (store and recall) should be pressed. Then a number (0-9) button to be pressed as to the place where the value should be stored. To recall the stored value, just press the RCL button followed by the respective number key (0-9) in which the value was stored.

So the best way to master using the financial calculator is to practice a lot. There are various online videos and courses which guide the user step by step. Each calculator is accompanied by a user’s manual. So this will help or guide the user through the entire process. However, it is important to know how to use it properly. Because many people get stuck with the settings or forgot how to use it. Or maybe the most common reason is that they did not learn to use it correctly the first time.

HINT: For a first time or average user, it is better to use the standard mode calculator for calculating loan payments, etc. Then it will be more comfortable and easy to switch to advanced features for other heavy accounting functions. Another hint is that it is important to understand the logic behind the time value of money concept.

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