PRIVATEVPN REVIEW 2020:- Best for Torrenting


If you are looking for a VPN that promises security and privacy, them PrivateVPN is the provider that you should look for. It lives up to the meaning of its name.    To review PrivateVPN, its features must be tested thoroughly.  For instance, what are the primary reasons for using PrivateVPN service?  If it is for streaming Netflix, then PrivateVPN is the best choice.  Any review is incomplete if the following features are not checked out, such as:

1.        Pricing – Sometimes the price of the service is more important.   In this regard, PrivateVPN pricing plans are very reasonable and affordable.  Time to time great discounts are offered which make it more affordable.  The attractive part is that they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on the subscription plans.You can easily buy privatevpn on their privatevpn black friday sale upto 80% or may be higher.

2.      Server Network – For any VPN to work best, it needs the support of many servers.  In the case of PrivateVPN, it has about more than 150 + servers in more than 60 c0untries.    The best deal is that it is continually expanding its network.  That is not all.  The speed or rather the consistency of the speed too is very good.

3.      Torrent – PrivateVPN is one of the few torrent-friendly VPNs which support unlimited P2P file sharing.   The best part is that it has a privacy friendly no logs policy.  So, this is a very good feature of PrivateVPN because it means your activity is kept private and anonymous.

4.      Encryption – PrivateVPN offers AES 256-bit encryption.    This is the level of encryption mostly used by military and government agencies.  So, this means additional security.  Same time it also offers the freedom to choose from various encryption algorithms.

5.      Compatibility – It is compatible with many devices.  PrivateVPN offers apps for use especially on iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac devices.   There is the option to connect to 6 simultaneous devices through a single subscription.  This is a very useful feature especially because it can be used by all the individual members of the family.

6.      Interface – The interface is very user friendly and comes with a unique design.  There is an option to choose from simple mode and an advanced mode, all at the click of a button.  The simple mode is useful for beginners as it helps in turning on the VPN without any configuration related hassles. The Advanced mode is useful for experienced users as it allows them to change or fine-tune the settings.  It is very easy to navigate since the interface is kept simple and functional.

7.       Customer Service – Finally customer service.  This is important especially when you run into some connectivity issues.  The support team is very professional in its approach and helpful.  Besides, the support team can be contacted through an email on their website.  They also have detailed installation guides to help in the process.


With reliable speeds and designated servers especially for Netflix, PrivateVPN stands out from the rest.  It is very user-friendly and gives freedom to customize the settings without bombarding the user with a lot of options. Overall, PrivateVPN is a great app to use.  

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